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Self-help Website Launched for Homeowners with Construction Defects in California

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Attorney Jacob Bell of Ward & Hagen, LLP has designed and published, a website for homeowners in California to use as they face construction defects.  Owners of homes often are not aware that California law provides a clear path (and requirement) that the builder be given notice and opportunity to make repairs to homes they have built and sold within the past 10 years. provides homeowners the forms, steps and information they need to start the repair process without having to retain or pay an attorney.

Attorney Bell said: “One of the goals of the California Right-to-Repair law enacted in 2003 was to avoid attorney involvement in those circumstances where it was unnecessary.  While our law firm continues to advocate and fight for homeowners’ rights, we also believe that individuals should be empowered under the law to act on their own behalf when a builder is willing to step up and make the proper repairs.”

The project is ongoing and changing as more responses from all over the state are received.  Questions and comments are welcome and invited via email or phone.

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Settlement Reached Involving Construction Defects at Commercial Shopping Center

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Ward & Hagen represented the owners of a 170,000 sq ft. commercial shopping center in Riverside County.  Built in 2005, the center was facing potential construction defects related to slab leaks, roof leaks, window and door leaks.  A team of forensic construction experts established evidence of the problems over two years of litigation.  A significant settlement was reached after multiple mediations with over 15 parties, including acceptance of a policy limits demand by the general contractor’s insurance company, allowing the owners to repair and continue leasing their property.

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Peter Ward, Christopher Hagen & Ralph Peters named among the “2013 Top Lawyers in San Diego”

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Peter C. Ward, Christopher H. Hagen and Ralph W. Peters were listed among the “2013 Top Lawyers in San Diego” by San Diego Magazine this month.  Founding partner Chris Hagen stated in response: “The success of Ward & Hagen LLP is not solely a result of the work of Peter and I, but it is a reflection of the perseverance and intelligence of our attorneys and staff.  We are proud of the results achieved for our clients in 2012 and look forward to new challenges this coming year.”


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Ward & Hagen recovers over $10 Million for clients in 2012

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Ward & Hagen is pleased to announce that in 2012 its attorneys have recovered over $10 million for their clients.   The firm successfully resolved a variety of construction defect cases involving custom homes, groups of single family homes and high rise condominiums.  Partner Christopher Hagen stated: “We have great attorneys and a strong support staff that allow us to successfully litigate cases of all sizes.  They have been fundamental in obtaining the success we’ve had this year for our clients.”

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Homeowners Continue to Fight Inadequate Repairs by KB Home

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Groups of homeowners in Oceanside, Menifee and Victorville, California are currently fighting for funds to repair defects in their residences built by KB Homes.  After retaining Ward & Hagen to manage the communication, the homeowners allowed KB Home to attempt repairs under the California Builder Fix-It Law (Civil Code § 895, et seq.).  KB Home chose to make some minor repairs, rather than actually address all the issues pointed out by the homeowners.  The homeowners are currently in litigation with KB Home in an attempt to recover damages for all the necessary repairs to their homes.   Ward & Hagen fights for homeowners throughout California, both in situations where a builder chooses to actually repair defects, or if it is necessary to go through litigation to reach those repair goals.

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Indian Wells Homeowners with Cracked Foundations Reach Confidential Settlement with Builder

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

A group of homeowners in Indian Wells, California retained Ward & Hagen when it became evident that the foundations of several of their homes were cracking and shifting.  Ward & Hagen hired geotechnical forensic experts to diagnose the cause of the problems, both in the soil compaction and the method of concrete installation.  A cost to repair was established and after two years of litigation, a confidential settlement was reached.  Ward & Hagen continues to represent homeowners who face construction defects of all kinds throughout California.

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Escondido Building Owner Recovers Funds to Repair Slate Tile Wall

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

The owners of Class A office buildings in Escondido retained Ward & Hagen to negotiate funds for the repair of exterior slate tile walls.  Partner Peter Ward managed the case in an efficient manner, using experts to create a detailed cost of repair that led to a quick settlement.  The client is now able to repair the buildings and continues to lease the space.

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Calexico Homeowners Recover Funds to Repair Defects

Monday, December 12th, 2011

A group of homeowners in Calexico, California recovered settlement funds to repair a variety of construction defects including leaking roofs, leaking windows and cracked stucco.  The group of owners retained Ward & Hagen LLP to pursue litigation against the builder of their homes.  The attorneys at Ward & Hagen hired a team of forensic construction experts to diagnose the defects and then were able to negotiate a settlement that allows the homeowners to fix these defects as they arise.  Ward & Hagen is proud to represent homeowners throughout California and to help these owners fix defects that may appear.

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Ward & Hagen Obtains Settlement for a Group of El Centro Homeowners

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

After a two year battle, attorney Jeffrey Paape and his support staff at Ward & Hagen obtained a confidential settlement for a large group of homeowners in El Centro, California.  Numerous construction defects such as leaking windows and doors, plumbing problems, and cracked tiles in showers and baths plagued the homes.

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Ward & Hagen forces D.R. Horton to make $30,000 worth of repairs to a home by using the California SB800 “Fit It Law” and without filing any litigation

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

The owners of a high end tract home in Encinitas, CA retained Ward & Hagen when they found leaking doors throughout their home, which was built and sold by D.R. Horton.   Because the home was sold after January 1, 2003, the new California “Fix It Law” applied.  Instead of filing a lawsuit, a demand with a list of the problems was sent to D.R. Horton.  The builder inspected the defects, and offered a repair.  The homeowners were able to choose a contractor other than D.R. Horton’s people to do the actual work.  In the end, the leaking doors were reinstalled and the damaged finish materials were replaced at a cost of approximately $30,000 to D.R. Horton.

If you are a homeowner and are facing construction defects, please contact us for information on how you may be able to force the builder to pay for repairs to your home rather than filing a lawsuit.

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