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Self-help Website Launched for Homeowners with Construction Defects in California

Attorney Jacob Bell of Ward & Hagen, LLP has designed and published, a website for homeowners in California to use as they face construction defects.  Owners of homes often are not aware that California law provides a clear path (and requirement) that the builder be given notice and opportunity to make repairs to homes they have built and sold within the past 10 years. provides homeowners the forms, steps and information they need to start the repair process without having to retain or pay an attorney.

Attorney Bell said: “One of the goals of the California Right-to-Repair law enacted in 2003 was to avoid attorney involvement in those circumstances where it was unnecessary.  While our law firm continues to advocate and fight for homeowners’ rights, we also believe that individuals should be empowered under the law to act on their own behalf when a builder is willing to step up and make the proper repairs.”

The project is ongoing and changing as more responses from all over the state are received.  Questions and comments are welcome and invited via email or phone.