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Ward & Hagen takes on a professional athlete for breach of contract

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

A landscape architect and pool contractor retained Ward & Hagen when the million dollar landscape project they had been working on was cancelled by the owner of the home in Los Angeles County.  The owner of the home, a well known professional athlete, denied that any contract existed and refused to acknowledge the work that was already complete.  After taking several out of state depositions, a settlement for a confidential amount was reached.

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Ward & Hagen helps a corporation save over $6,000,000 on a lease

Friday, June 25th, 2010

A corporation hired Ward & Hagen when the three floors of Class A office space they were leasing became difficult to inhabit due to leaking windows.  When the leasing company refused to acknowledge the leaks, the corporation chose to relocate their office.  The leasing company sued for the entire amount remaining on the lease.  Ward & Hagen showed a lack of mitigation on the part of the leasing company, and a settlement was reached for a savings of over $6,000,000 from what was claimed by the leasing company.

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